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With unmatched versatility, U.S. Soy is helping feed and fuel the world. 

The U.S. Soy industry will reliably serve growing domestic and global demands for both food and fuel now and into the future. The versatility of the whole soybean – along with constant innovation to the crops we grow and the ways we farm, process, transport and consume soybeans – maximize farmers’ ability to produce more with less environmental impact.

Use the resources and assets below to add your voice to the food and fuel conversation. These materials are meant for United Soybean Board partners, soy organizations, customers and others who want to share more about the versatility, sustainability and reliability of U.S. Soy.

Assets by Type

Download this content to share through your channels.

Download the Whole Bean infographic series for use in presentations and in digital channels.
Get Infographics
Social Media Assets
Access copy and graphics for use on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and Instagram.
Access Social Media Assets
Explainer Video
View this short explainer video for an overview of the food and fuel conversation.
Explainer Video
Fact Sheet
Download the Whole Bean fact sheet for facts and figures related to the food and fuel conversation.
The Whole Bean Fact Sheet
Talking Points
Access the Whole Bean talking points for key messages about U.S. Soy's versatility, sustainability and reliability.
Whole Bean Partner Messaging
Download the Whole Bean PowerPoint slides for use in presentations.
Whole Bean Presentation Deck